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It is good to know that someone really listens to our comments! There was no serious issue but they have acknowledged and promised to improve faster response in case of any issue with order so that it can be quickly corrected and order can proceed.
- Cyrus Marks
Excellent service, very fast turn around as I was needing my medication ASAP!!! Many thanks.
- Baxter U. Gallegos
They are quick to fill your order, easy to work with and so very helpful. I am grateful I have Pharmacy to take care of my prescription needs.
- Brandon P. Villarreal
I have used NW a number of times now and I just have never had a problem with service, quality or promptness. What more can I say. Oh, yes, I am a happy customer. Thanks.
- Lesley Wiley
I've used online Pharmacy for years with only one problem with a shipment and the customer service team there immediately rectified the problem. I highly recommend Pharmacy.
- Neru Frazier