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My husband, a disabled Marine had a heart attack. The VA would not cover the medicine he needed as there is a far cheaper yet far less effective drug available. Because of this pharmacy our bill went from $445/month to $42/month. Shipping takes 18 business days, and despite knowing that, I was paranoid and kept calling and emailing. Every single time every person was so kind and have me all the info I needed. Thank you a million times over!
- Edan Waters
The prescription was 20% the US cost and was an acceptable generic. Allow up to three weeks for delivery.
- Kalia Cline
I received the prescriptions today. Shipment came from Singapore, and the tablets are manufactured in India. I'm hoping for the best. Thank you.
- Levi Stevens
Only wish the process was faster, now i know when to place my next order so that it arrives on time.
- Guinevere Knapp
Great service and price. They called to double check the order and dealt with the doctor verifying the prescription and correcting it.
- Cheyenne T. Manning