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user-friendly website made it easy to order top-quality supplements at a discounted price with free shipping. They fully explained the dosages and supplied scientific studies in order to back up their claims. I received my order very quickly!
- Shea P. Goodman
Arrived very quickly, haven't tried the vitamins yet but very pleased with communication & delivery!
- Kellie Kirkland
I researched several options because my prescription is not available in a generic in the US and is therefore VERY expensive! Theirs was the best price I found.
- Jemima G. Kirk
The money I'm saving by ordering through NWP makes the wait worth my while. One of my medications came within about three weeks. The other, they had some questions about because they were out of the dosage I ordered, but were able to provide a very reasonable resolution (that would have been a hassle here in the US with more paperwork and hoops to jump through). That med took a little longer to come, but since I ordered so far in advance, it's a non-issue. That's really the key with ANY non-US online pharmacy (and I do know this from years of experience). You must order well in advanced. Also worth noting is that each person I spoke with on the phone was exceedingly helpful and friendly and I really appreciated that.
- Dale C. Talley
Order was filled as ordered without incident and arrived days ahead of scheduled date. Third time without issue.
- Selma G. Garrison