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Very professional and compassionate people on the phone. My only unknown question/inquiry is that it seems to be a long time for processing a prescription for a common drug like the one I take for hypertension. Three days to process before shipping seems a bit lengthy. I certainly can plan around those days as I re-order but I was just wondering. Other than that question everything else was and is great!!!
- Callum Pace
Very Professional from start to finish. Great Communication throughout. Every order was exactly as described. Highly Recommended.
- Halla Hooper
I was impressed with the low pricing on the prescription I ordered, and that I didn't need a prescription from my physician to get it!!!
- Sylvester Burch
The price is great,the shipping time reasonable... Very happy, will order again. My only concern is my products are close to expiring, not sure if I'll be able to use it all before they expire.
- Shelby Z. Oconnor
Slow delivery, but may not be HW's fault. I live in the country and mail delivery is often delayed. Thanks.
- Clare R. Sims