Delivery and Refund / Returns

All orders from No-Rx Online are shipped only through reputed courier companies such as FedEx Overnight, UPS, DHL, etc. so as to ensure proper handling & timely delivery of products. We begin the process under 2 hours after the customer verifies and approves his order to our sales executive over the phone.

All the orders paid by credit/debit card, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal will automatically be allotted an order number instantly. Once the order is processed and transferred to the courier company we email you with the details of the tracking number and shipment. You can log into our site and keep a real time track of your order.

We also guarantee immediate reshipping of your orders in case the product gets lost or damaged. If you are unsatisfied with any or all of our products, we will refund you the full amount as per our policies which are explained below in a stepwise form

How to Return Items

We at No-Rx Online are not only inclined on the sales aspect of the business but also on customer interaction and satisfaction and if you feel at any stage that we fail to do so or you are not so sure about the quality of the products received then you are always obliged with effect to return all or parts of your order. For doing so you will need to notify us through phone call or email about the same within next few days of receiving the delivery.

Returns by Post

Once you notify us about your return request through our customer executives; you will be asked to repackage the product and seal it carefully so as to send it by post to one of our local distribution centers. You may have noticed that we provide a blank return form enclosed with your items; in case of a return request you will need to fill the form and attach it with your return package to complete the process.


Your refund will be initiated to the full amount or part of an amount as applicable once we receive your returned items and go through them to see for any critical damages that may have invalidated the products. That's why we need you to be extra careful in packing the products when you are returning them.

If everything goes alright your refund will be initiated and will be provided to you in 1 working day to your original mode of payment. Any standard postage paid on orders will be returned in full.


It is our duty to duly remind you about the liabilities at our end!
In case of your dissatisfaction with the products; you will be refunded the full price paid in the purchase of the product. We make it clear here that we have a policy to return back your money in accordance with the condition and damage aspects of the products. It is the immediate responsibility of the customer to ensure that the medicines returned are in proper condition.
These terms are in addition to our standard Terms & Conditions of sale.