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By affecting the central nervous system, it acts as an appetite suppressant.Phentermine is a stimulant that is very much similar to an amphetamine.You can buy Phentermine online to reduce weight and treat obesity.Phentermine is used along with a specific diet and exercise to treat obesity (which means being overweight) in people with risk factors that include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Phentermine may also be used for other purposes that are not listed in this medication guide.


Some common side effects of Phentermine include drowsiness, dizziness, irritability, difficulty sleeping, vomiting, nausea, dry mouth, constipation and lightheadedness. If any of these side effects worsen or even persists, contact your doctor immediately. These are very common side effects and can be eliminated if you buy generic Phentermine online or buy branded Phentermine but only from a trusted pharmacy.
Some serious side effects of Phentermine include seizure, slurred speech, slow or shallow breathing, seizures and fainting. In case of any of this, inform your doctor immediately. Allergic reaction to this medication is uncommon. These include rash, trouble breathing, severe dizziness, or itching. You must report such reactions to Phentermine immediately to your doctor.


The missed dose can be skipped if it is nearing the time of your next dose.The missed dose must be taken as soon as it is remembered. It should not be delayed. You should not take any extra doses to catch up. Seek medical help as soon as possible in case of an overdose because it can be dangerous. To avoid mishaps, buy Phentermine in the USA from a trusted pharmacy.


Avoid drinking alcohol as it can increase the chances of side effects. Phentermine also impairs the capacity of thinking and responses so you should be careful while driving or doing anything that requires being attentive and alert.